Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic country, is found between 6° to 10° N and from 95° to 14°2 E. Well-known as a country of mega-diversity of marine organisms, it consists of about 17,500 islands and has a coastline of 81,000 km. This extraordinary biodiversity offers significant opportunities and challenges for the discovery of new healthy food, nutraceutical, and medicine products,  which might be very useful from both scientific and biomedical perspectives. To discuss various issues faced by Indonesian marine biodiversity and biotechnology, Research Center for Oceanography (RCO), Indonesian Institute of Sciences, proudly presents the 1st International Conference on Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology. The conference will seek the views and creative ideas of the international and local community in addressing all aspect mariculture and biotechnology. The conference will provide academic scientists and researchers to present and discuss the most recent advances and trends in the fields of marine biological diversity, ecosystem, mariculture and molecular technology.



In this Symposium we will discuss some topic :

  1. Exploration of marine biodiversity and ecosystem
  2. Biomedical application of marine biotechnology
  3. Marine natural products and Bioproducts
  4. Industrial products development by marine biotechnology
  5. Mariculture technology